Good Morning,

My friend sent me a statement made by Bruce Pearl after Auburn won this past weekend, he said, “Think about your great moments. Whatever they are; the birth of a child or something special that happened in your life; think about your greatest moments. One of the things that make them great is the people you shared the moment with, and when you think about it that’s what makes it special.” We all know this deep down, and I believe he humbly expressed this deep down feeling very well during this interview. The people and not the accomplishment; make these special moments important and memorable.

No doubt Bruce Pearl was happy; but I think more than happy he was joyful.  Why, joyful you ask, because joy comes from seeing the complete fulfillment of the specific purpose for which we were created and born to do, not from successfully doing something of our own choosing. Now I don’t know who Bruce Pearl is, nor have I ever seen the man so I can’t say he chose to be a basketball coach on his own, but I do believe he was gifted the ability to lead, teach and build teams of other leaders. So knowing that a person has done what they were sent to do has to be very satisfying and fill a person with joy. Think about how satisfying it will be one day to hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Our life’s walk isn’t always and easy path to travel, there are always problems to solve, hurdles to overcome, and issues that are sometimes showstoppers. However, leadership depends to a large degree on problem solving. As leaders we have to approach problems differently than others. First we have to take time to contemplate the obstacles. We can find joy in the midst of most problems and issues only when we recognize their purpose and results. The key is perspective. There have been numerous occasions during my life when our team would encounter an issue that held-up our progress. Keeping the right attitude allowed us to think about the problem correctly and find other solutions. The bonus that we didn’t realize at the time was our team grew stronger as we worked on finding those solutions, together.

Second, is supplication, in James 1:5 he writes, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God who gives to all liberally and without reproach.” As leaders, if we lack wisdom we should not be afraid or too timid to ask Him for it. In fact, we should not hesitate about praying for wisdom, because it is not a sign of weakness for a leader to pray for wisdom when facing problems; it is a sign of strength. Trials are gift, in a manner of speaking, to stretch and grow us and provide us joy when we overcome them. Only then can we, as leaders, share the joy and the success with others.

Last but not least, is expectation; as leaders, if we ask God for wisdom, we must ask in faith, expecting Him to answer. Once leaders gain perspective and trust Him for wisdom, the only thing left to do is anticipate solutions and be optimistic. As I think about expectation it reminds me that leaders don’t have to tell others about their accomplishments; they are easily seen. So the point being, the more we walk the walk the less we have to talk!

I encourage each of us to know God wants us to learn how to seek His wisdom for our lives; no matter how young or old we are. As leaders, one of the most important things we can do for our followers is to find joy in everything we do by teaching them with our actions and reactions to life’s adversities, because the spoken word can become distorted in our minds when the situation seems impossible. When we rely on human knowledge, we end up getting into serious trouble. As leaders, we need to always take time to ask God to show us the direction we need to take in life and expect Him to answer. It will make a difference and add value to our lives and the lives of others. James 1:1-8

Have a wonderful day,