Good Morning,
I had a missed opportunity, recently, which made me take a step back and ask myself, “What was I thinking?” To which the obvious answer is that I was not thinking, or I would have made a better decision.
Have any of you ever kicked yourself in the seat of the pants because you missed a great, golden opportunity? I am sure most of us have and can relate. When I ponder “missed opportunities” I think about times when I have missed the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life or missed the opportunity to be a blessing to someone hurting because I didn’t know them will enough to speak or missed the opportunity to witness to a lost friend because I thought maybe they were not interested enough to listen, but how did I know that for sure?
I have heard it said if you wait until opportunity knocks to prepare, you have missed that opportunity. Has an opportunity ever knocked on your door and you were so caught up in the other things in your life that it slipped thought your fingers? I am convinced we all have had similar experiences. Maybe not just like these mentioned but something along the same lines. It makes me wonder why some people seem to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way, while others allow opportunities to pass them by. It is my belief it relates to how sensitive we are with how God is working in our life. Andy Stanley said it this way, “We don’t need to pray for more miracles, we just need to be more sensitive to the opportunities God brings our way.” Amen, right?
I heard a story once about a shoe salesman that went to Africa. He was there two weeks and called his boss to ask him to bring him home because no one wore shoes in Africa. So, they did and sent another salesman to take his place there. The new salesman was there for two weeks and called his boss to ask him to get the company to send all the shoes they could because no one wore shoes in Africa. There is opportunity all around us, every day, we just need to be sensitive to the opportunities God brings our way. It has nothing to do with luck, as one would think in today’s world, it has to do with being prepared before the opportunity arrives. Just saying…
One opportunity we may not realize is that we have the power to be a blessing in someone’s life, today! We are surrounded by needs, just look around, especially in the world environment we are now living. Do not wait for someone else to be a blessing, we should be the blessing for others. Our daily walk and talk should influence others to try to maintain a positive outlook. Someone once said, “You do not have to be happy all the time, but you should at least be positive.”
We must be faithful in the little things in life, like sharing our faith, joy, hope, and unconditional love for others, before we can be trusted with the big things in life. As leaders, we must realize that Christ through us can make a difference in the lives of others, and what an opportunity to be the light in the lives of others. As leaders, we must realize it is our responsibility to reach out to others and make a difference and add value to them.
Back to the beginning of the story, my missed opportunity. We spent a week on the lake with our family. My responsibility during the week was providing breakfast and dinner. One night we decided instead of going to get a meal we would cook. I asked for list of ingredients for the dinner and I would go pick them up. My wife said our son would ride with me, to which I replied, “I am already out so I will go by myself.” My son and I do not get much one on one time and I missed a golden opportunity to share some quality time with him without interruption. Needless to say; this decision has weighed heavily on me for several days and I hope to get the chance once again for us to do something together, just us, no interruptions. I remain hopeful I get a second chance to make a better decision and am saddened by the missed opportunity.
I encourage each of us as leaders, to understand we are the light, we are the salt, we are here to shine and to make people thirsty for Him. I say it again, we, as leaders, must realize it is our responsibility to reach out to others and make a difference and add value to their lives. John 1:10-12
Have a wonderful day,