Good Morning,

Do you ever wonder about your purpose? I do. I ponder this much of the time, because some days I really struggle with what I am here to do, outside of being a husband, father, and friend and let us not forget, worker bee. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem as though I am making any progress toward something, anything, not sure what, but there are days it appears I stood still, in one place, without forward or reverse movement. I know for a fact I wasn’t still or in one place any of the time but at the end of the day what I accomplished isn’t as clear to me as it should be. Maybe I am over thinking this issue, just maybe. I understand that as a believer, I am not here for my own purpose at all; I am here for His purpose, for Him to guide and direct my life, for Him to show me the path I am to take, to follow His light and make a difference and add value to others.

Okay, so what does this mean; what difference; what value? I don’t always see it or feel it. I don’t necessarily understand what value I bring, however I understand thinking of this nature can damage my relationship with Him and if I allow that to happen I have to take the time to make it right again. It’s His plan not mine, I just need to yield control and allow it to happen in my life. After all, the most important aspect of a believer is not the work we do, but the relationships we maintain, and surrounding influence and qualities produced by those relationships that make the difference and add value to our lives and the lives of those surrounding us.

As I mature and grow older, the understanding of my purpose has become clearer because I concentrate my time and resources on the most important things and forego the trivial, meaningless things. I don’t worry about the latest fashion, what’s popular, what is trendy; having the most toys and so forth and so on. My purpose is to continue my work toward keeping an open mind and heart, listening more intently, studying the word and developing my service to others with a much deeper sense of understanding of their needs.

As leaders in our homes, communities and organizations, we know that everyone on earth has a work to do, and it may be different than one’s job or career. I read once that a job is a task we get paid for at the moment but a work is the task God gives us for our lives. What this means is jobs come and go but the work remains with us. The job we have now may be prepping us for the real work that follows. So with this in mind we must operate joyfully at the current task to be rewarded with the real work when it comes along. We must work energetically even when the results seem uncertain. We must work wisely anticipating the benefit of His perspective for our lives.

As leaders we must consider those around us, our followers, and we need to focus on the mission not the method. Leaders manage the goals and let the people choose the method. We are there to support and lift others up to be better than they think they can be, do more than they think possible, and go place they have never gone. Leaders create atmosphere and let people own their style. Attitude is contagious. Our way is not the only way, or necessarily the better way; allow others to use their ideas and talents along the way. Leaders choose the priorities and share the activities with the others. They encourage them to use their gifts and abilities, to share their strengths, to forego the weakness and pass it to someone better fitted for the task. Leaders determine the budget but give ownership of how our

money, time and resources are spent. They don’t hoard the checkbook or dictate how to use our time and resources, they allow for transparency and wiliness to take ownership and responsibility to help others to stretch and grow these talents. Leaders train the team and freely give credit for the victories and take responsibility for their failures. Our responsibility lies with the charging of others to wage a good battle on the world and make changes necessary to create harmony within. We conduct ourselves worthy of His love and forgiveness by acting with self-discipline and control through our walk and talk. We encourage others to never neglect their gift and to work and operate in our areas of giftedness. Leaders teach how to observe the world around us without prejudice. Finally, leaders help us to stay the course by their commitment to the greater cause.

I encourage each of us to continue to seek our purpose in life. It may be something simple, or it may be complex or complicated, either way each of us has work to do and we need to get on with it. Our work will definitely make a difference and add value to those surrounding us. Luke 18:31

Have a wonderful day,