From James Dodwell – Hammers of Hope
Good Morning,
Recently a friend sent me a list, “Ten things requiring zero talent”. It was timely because we have been discussing some of the issue/opportunities seen in the current workforce hovering around out there. The ten things are: Being on time – this is an important one for me. Being on time shows respect for anyone and everyone you are meeting and it shows you are ready to participate. Work Ethic – sadly there is evidence of this missing in today’s world. Effort. Body Language – Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Energy. Attitude. Passion – You know that thing you do, when doing it you lose track of time, miss meals, etc… That’s it. Being Coachable or Teachable – So many people already know how today, but they don’t know why and this gets in the way of learning. Doing Extra. Being Prepared. The Boy Scout motto, first thing you learn as a scout and those times when you aren’t.
Ten simple things, gifted to us, free of charge. If I were to go down the list there would be story after story for each “thing” we could use as an example representing both positive and negative experiences. Some of the stories would be on me and some would be what I have seen and experienced in others. I have to work on some of these daily but there are others that come naturally. One I have to work on each day is Energy. Sometimes I just do not have giddy-up in my get-along, hasn’t always been this way so it could be my age?, maybe. One that comes naturally is Work ethic. I have never had a problem here. Always had to work, always will. Another I need to keep tabs on is body language. I have a stoic personality and sometimes my standing or sitting posture is misinterpreted as not caring, but I do I just don’t react immediately to things I see or hear, unless it is an emergency. Another thing that comes naturally is attitude. I really work to maintain a good attitude for others to experience. I feel a good attitude is very important ingredient to a joyful and fulfilling life.
As I read through this list I began to ponder what if Jesus lacked these ten things. Being on time – If Jesus hadn’t been punctual He could have missed the boat and not been there to calm the storm (Mark 4) and the disciples would have to swim or been lost forever. He wasn’t late He was there with them. Work Ethic – Paul writes to us in Colossians 3, “What ever you do, work heartily…” Jesus was tireless in his efforts to heal the sick and spread the gospel. Effort – In Luke 13, Jesus tells us, “Make every effort to go through the narrow door…” He knew the end of the story, but it didn’t hamper His effort to get the Good News out to the world. Body Language – Jesus could have sent the wrong message by sitting in the back of the synagogue, not making eye contact, arms crossed with a pout on his lips because someone hurt his feelings; however He had an open body language, inviting, loving and kind. He tells us in John 2, “Your body is a temple…” Our life message is through our presentation of words and actions and our message will be clear if we present ourselves in that way, a temple. Energy – We never read where Jesus said, “No, I just don’t have the energy to do a miracle today.” He did, however, recharge His batteries through times of prayer and rest. In Philippians 2 it is written, “That energy is God’s energy deep within you…Do everything readily and cheerfully.”
Attitude – Jesus could have told his disciples, “How do you expect me to feed all these people with a few loaves of bread a those small fish.” No, He maintained a positive attitude when others felt that way. We can do the same. (Philippians 4:13) Passion – Jesus had a lot of opportunities to become less passionate about His work. However, He remained passionate through His death and resurrection for His followers and the world. “He presented himself alive to them after suffering many proofs…”(Acts 1:3) Being Coachable – While in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus could have said, “Father, I just don’t get it, send in someone else, it’s not for me.” However, He listened, prayed and accepted his mission. (Matthew 26) Doing Extra – “What! I am not going to wash your feet, you should have done that before you came in for supper.” Never said, never was even considered He was about service to others, doing more than expected. Talk about going the extra mile, look to the cross… (Luke 22) Being Prepared – Jesus could have said in times of stress or trouble, “I just don’t know what to do or what to say to you right now.” He was always prepared to help others. Serve others. Suffer for our sins. He prepared daily through prayer and fasting. We must stay prepared, also. (Matthew 24:44)
I encourage each of us to be on time, develop a strong work ethic, put forth the effort, pay attention to our message through body language, maintain our energy, attitude, passion, remain teachable or coachable, do extra and always be prepared to make a difference and add value in others lives. Work to share your faith, joy, hope and love with others as He did for us. Matthew 28:16-20
Have a wonderful day,