AmTech, LLC Purchasing Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Our organization reserves the right of final approval of product, procedures, processes and equipment.
2. All special processes required by the PO must be performed by qualified personnel.
3. The Vendor shall maintain the proper identification and revision status of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/validation instructions, and other relevant technical data.
4. The Vendor is required to retain all records associated with the Purchase Order a minimum of 7 years from the date of fulfillment or as required by contract.*
5. Seller shall provide a proper Bill of Lading signed by Carrier, or any other legally applicable documents providing title to the goods to Purchaser upon delivery, fully protecting all parties in case of damages in transit. All cost incurred
due to improper packing will by paid by Seller.
6. Invoices must bear exact same prices and terms or authorization for changes must be received from our company in writing prior to shipping.
7. Goods not in accordance with specifications will be rejected and held at vendor’s risk awaiting disposal. Vendor must pay freight on all rejected material.
8. The right is reserved to cancel all or part of this order if not delivered within the time specified.
9. Packing slips must accompany all shipments.
10. By acceptance of this order, vendor warrants that all merchandise shipped under this order does comply with all laws and regulations of Federal and State governments.
11. Freight costs at the fill rate of less than 100% will be incurred by the supplier.
12. In the even of interruption of our business in whole or part by reason of fire, flood, windstorm, earthquake, war, strike, embargo, acts of God, government actions, or any causes beyond our control, we shall have the option of cancelling
undelivered orders in whole or part.
13. Acceptance of this purchase order, or shipment of any part of it, will constitute an agreement to all its specifications as to terms, delivery, and prices.
14. Certification of Materials and/or Process performed as requested by Purchase Order must accompany materials/parts received. Invoice will be aged for payment based on date of Certifications(s) received.
15. Any disputes arising out of any contract issued pursuant to the Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with and governed by the Laws of the State of Alabama, USA.

*All suppliers who provide material that is used on Zoll Medical assemblies are required to retain their records for such material for a minimum of 15 years.